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Using Cowboys Can Cause Real Pain

A little while ago I took some time off from the job of accountancy to do some tidying up jobs at home and in the garden. One of those jobs was to fell a tree which was obstructing the wonderful view that we have over the Cleveland Hills. So I was faced with a choice, I could call in the expert, a tree surgeon who would be able to fell it without doing any damage of any kind. The alternative was to use cowboys. I chose the latter because using a tree surgeon would be expensive and I knew a cowboy who claimed to have done it many times before and without incident and he was very very cheap, or so I thought!

That cowboy was me. Things started off well, I took down lots of branches and tidied up the logs into a tidy pile and twigs into another less tidy pile. It came to the last branch and one minute I was up a ladder about 12 feet off the ground with a chain saw buzzing in my hand. The next minute I was on the ground in a crumpled heap with the chain saw still buzzing in my hand. I was lucky to be alive but still ended up with bruised ribs, a broken shoulder and minor cuts and scratches. After a week in hospital, two weeks later, I was up on my feet with my arm in a sling and great pains in my back and shoulder. So would I do it again – you bet I wouldn’t, I would employ the tree surgeon every time.

You see an expert doesn’t just say they have done it before they can show you the training they have undertaken, they can give you references of other happy customers who will gladly endorse their work and they will often give some sort of guarantee. It comes at a price but, as with me, you will very often regret not employing the expert, and it can cause you physical, emotional and financial pain.

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